Ai-Applied - Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistant Specialists
We are experienced advisors in the deployment of artificial intelligence delivering executive led "self-service" improvement initiatives.
we enable business leaders to transform customer interaction by leveraging
self-funding artificial intelligence technologies, improving customer experience
and increasing shareholder value.
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      It is not a
question of ‘if’ we
       use this technology,
  but when!
Petar Dobic, Board Member of International Insurance Group
Call Centre Expo 2011
WFM, agent churn, SLA’s
and agent productivity
giving you a headache?
Learn more about how Artificial Intelligence can
help contact centres improve service levels, increase
employee satisfaction and reduce costs.
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Get a clear picture of what is being said about your business on the Internet with Social Media Monitoring

So, how can Artificial Intelligence benefit your business today?

Business Benefits

Customer Experience

Technology Insight

AI technology has been deployed by many businesses to help reduce operational costs, make efficiency gains, generate revenue and enhance customer and employee experiences.

AI is a relevant and powerful business tool and in many cases can self fund within the first six months of deployment.

Companies who need to reduce cost to serve and improve customer experience should have AI in their strategy, find out why.

A reported 72% of consumers chose the internet as the preferred method to resolve queries so it is essential that companies should focus on providing a superior online customer service experience across all online channels.

European Research suggests that today only 11% of customers report consistently good experiences with customer service; so anything that can be done to improve this will differentiate your Enterprise and gain competitive advantage. Find out more.

Artificial Intelligence provides a cost effective way to carry out tasks that would otherwise be done by human employees.

AI is easily scaleable, integrates seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure and has proved an intuitive way to capture valuable customer insight including trending, social comments and live customer interaction.

Find out more about how AI can transform the way you do business.

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