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We are experienced advisors in the deployment of artificial intelligence enabling executive led ‘operational improvement’ outcomes.

We enable business leaders to transform customer interaction by leveraging self-funding artificial intelligence technologies, improving customer engagement, employee satisfaction and increasing shareholder value.

Ai-Applied is a leading independent advisor for the selection, deployment, advancement and ongoing management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for Enterprise Business.

Based on six years of research Ai-Applied leverage extensive internal and partner resource to help businesses understand available technology and how it transforms customer touch points and internal processes to achieve business objectives.

We provide AI solutions to:

  • reduce the cost of customer contact
  • assist internal customer support and help desk agents
  • deliver step change improvements to customer experiences
  • enhance online conversion rates
  • monitor social media activity
  • provide real time customer insight and management information

Intuitive ‘Natural Language Search’ and ‘Blended Web-Chat’ are good examples of where AI is already being used by enterprise businesses. AI is an effective tool for gaining valuable insight into consumer trends, sentiment and it is especially useful in a world saturated with unstructured data.

With internal resource and expertise to deploy and manage AI technology a limiting factor and over 40 active vendors it can be a difficult and time consuming task for many businesses to undertake. Ai-Applied can provide a single point supply for technical solutions, managed and professional services with an independent approach.

Typically our client engagement starts with an exploratory workshop to engage stakeholders, build a business case foundation based on agreed challenges and goals to underwrite next steps, and agree an AI technology road-map strategy to align with existing business activity.

Understanding the best fit and the best use of the technology is one of the areas where Ai-Applied can add significant value.

We employ subject matter experts who have made AI their subject of academic study. Being able to strip away the marketing gloss to provide real interpretations of the capability of vendor technology means our clients can be assured that the solution we deploy will deliver the operational and financial benefits envisaged at the planning stages.

Our approach is that an AI solution is developed to meet the stated objectives of the business (not the other way around), this way results and expectations can be measured effectively.

Out technical and managed services delivery team has an exceptional reputation with companies like the Bank of England, Vodafone, AB Inbev and Deutsche Bank as clients.

Nearly all AI systems require at least six months of ongoing management following the initial deployment. The system will require ongoing tweaks and updates to enable it to be fully effective for the business.

The operationalisation of the technology needs resource and input from experts such as computational linguists, business application and integration specialists and software engineers.

Ai-Applied’s team has extensive experience in delivering cutting edge technology solutions to Enterprise Businesses globally. We have deep understanding of service delivery and have the specialist skills inhouse required for the most complex integration projects.

So which vendors have the right solutions for your business?

Vendor Graph

There is no doubt that AI technology for the Enterprise Business has matured and the use of AI for internal and external self service solutions is on the increase.

Ai-Applied is constantly researching the diverse range of solutions, each of which has its own unique and differentiating technology and USP.

AI deployments take on many forms from intuitive search capabilities to fully immersive and interactive 3D avatar led engagements. Knowing which is going to be right for your business will be the key to its success.

With such a variety of solutions now available Ai-Applied can guide and make sense of market place and help you to understand the available technology and its relevance to you.

We will put the fact
around the predictions

Find out more about what the Analysts predict will be the game changing
effects on businesses through the deployment of Artificial Intelligence

Can AI help your business deliver better internal and external customer service?

We would usually commence with an introductory session to explain what Ai-Applied are about (Business goal led approach, focus upon benefits delivery, collaborative style) and what we bring to the party (many years of combined AI academic and commercial experience; technical skills covering computational linguistics, enterprise call centre solutions, and project delivery). We will provide an overview of the bounds of the possible and a view of the state of the market of Artificial Intelligence Vendors, the emerging behaviour patterns of the global "connected users" and why this matters, what solutions are being deployed, the different types of problems that are being solved, an independent view on what effects these are having on the internal and external customer’s satisfaction and the commercial implications.

Examining your specific business challenges

A natural next step is to enter a workshop environment where we bring our experts to talk with the client's team who have close proximity to your current customer service challenges. Our aim at this point is to work with your team to share knowledge and via this interaction process, identify and outline some potential options for high-level ideas of how your organization could deploy Artificial Intelligence to solve certain business challenges. This process will introduce the client to the recommended path for implementation as gaining benefits in manageable steps, whilst maintaining business, as usual is often a critical component in creating successful outcomes for businesses and project sponsors.

Ai-Applied independent advisory consultancy

We will take our understanding of your business challenge back to our team of experts and detailed independent research. We have Professors of Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguists, Business Process Transformation specialists and 8 years of research of the market that we draw upon to help us figure out what are the best options for you to consider in terms of meeting your business challenges. At this point we are talking about high-level views of your options, and who we suggest as the ideal AI Vendor to fulfill your needs.

We select the demonstrations we feel are most relevant to your needs. This may consist of just one, or depending on the breadth of your requirement, a number of demonstrations. This will provide a more detailed view of the applicability of the technology to your specific requirement. In some cases there may need to be an integration of AI technologies and possibly some bespoke aspects for a full solution to be created (particularly where integration into backend services is required). Whilst the AI continuum has a great breadth to it, the areas that one particular vendor can cover are more limited. It is Ai-Applied's role to advise and recommend the most practical steps to deliver the required solution.

The client has the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the vendor and see the totality of the solution available. The great news is that we are here as your advisors; you can be assured that our NUMBER ONE priority is ensuring you receive the insights you need to make the best business decision.

Detailed Commercial Proposal

We create a tailored proposal based upon our understanding of your business challenge, the outcome of the vendor demonstrations from both a client to vendor perspective: them answering your questions, and a vendor to Ai-Applied perspective: us drilling into the capability of the vendors technology and our assessment of its applicability for your specific requirement. This is a critical part of the process and where the value of Ai-Applied is at one of its most powerful points; many vendors will say they can do what you want, but we, as independent experts, are well placed to make a thoroughly researched assessment. In addition, we will work with you to identify deliverable benefits, both financial as well as customer or employee satisfaction driven.


We work with the well documented processes of Ai-Applied and the specific vendors to ensure the solution promised in the solution conception stage is delivered in reality.

This comprises expert input from:

  • Ai-Applied Chief Computational Linguist
  • Ai-Applied Project Manager
  • Ai-Applied Technical Architect (Solution Designer)

On-Going Managed Service

On-Going Managed Service: we align the correct skilled resource at the right time in order to maintain, tune and optimise the deployed solution.

This comprises expert input from:

  • Ai-Applied Computational Linguist
  • Ai-Applied Technical Architect (Solution Designer)

The aim of this service is not just to keep the initial system operating in an optimum manner, but that we offer on-going “AI Advice” to ensure that as your requirements grow and change over time, we provide access to the right information and updates to enable your solution to mold and adapt to your needs.

Andrew Hockey

Bob Swallow

David Eighteen

Jim Wyatt

Kevin Morrissey

Peter Halls

Rob Koeling

Stuart Radcliffe

Mark Tindal

Some of our Virtual Team Members

Virtual Team Members
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Andrew Hockey : COO


Bob Swallow : CEO


David Eighteen

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Jim Wyatt : Founder and Business Development Director

Jim is responsible for all aspects of business development at Ai-Applied.


Kevin Morrissey : MD Australia & New Zealand

Within Ai-Applied Australia / N.Z. Kevin is responsible for the regional Sales and Finance Functions as well as contract and bid management activity.


Peter Halls : Non Executive Chairman


Rob Koeling : Head of Technology Development

Within Ai-Applied Rob is responsible for the development of our own intellectual property and for the assessment and integration of third party products and systems.


Stuart Radcliffe : Non-Executive Board Member

More recently he has been involved in private equity owned businesses and as part of the management teams has led them through to exit. As CFO, he has led a number of successful debt financing projects, typically the facilities secured have been in the range of £10m to £20m.


Mark Tindal : CTO

Mark plans and develops the technology of the Ai-Applied portfolio, it’s infrastructure and people.