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AI technology has been deployed by many businesses to help reduce operational costs, make efficiency gains, generate revenue and enhance customer and employee experiences. AI is a relevant and powerful business tool and in many cases can self fund within the first six months of deployment. Companies who need to reduce cost to serve and improve customer experience should have AI in their strategy, find out why.

Situations Vacant.

Online Reservations & Booking Agents required to assist and advise clients for a 'Global-Reach' company.
To complete booking & payment processes, maximise up-sell opportunities and respond to all queries.
Required to work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without sick leave, breaks or holiday entitlement.
Must be articulate, multilingual, brand aware, friendly and communicate company ethos at all times.

Find out more about how 'Artificial Intelligence' can enhance your self service channels today.

Business Benefits

Calculating the ROI of AI... ...rocket science it is not!

increase & protect revenue                 reduced cost to serve,         increased CSAT & CSR focus           & enhance brand experience...

Reducing cost to serve is an ongoing priority for most business leaders. The cost of effective employees is one of the most prohibitive factors in providing a quality service to customers. Hiring human staff to do lower value, repetitive tasks is not only a significant cost burden , but can prove motivationally challenging for the employees too.

Providing great customer care costs money; spending that money wisely is critical. The more companies encourage the use of digital channels in an effort to accelerate self service and reduce inbound call centre traffic, the more efficient the enterprise will need to be

in delivering relevant answers to user queries, which makes the search capability a critical factor in providing a positive user experience.

Customers want to solve their issues quickly and easily on the Web. When they can, they are likely to buy more, with 88% indicating they are more likely to increase their spending.

Empowering consumers to serve themselves online not only increases customer satisfaction, but can reduce support costs by more than 50x. (based on an average support call costs of £6.00 versus £0.21 for a self service Web interaction with AI capability).

Most companies are not aware of the potential cost savings and are not doing enough to improve their online customer support services. This is a costly mistake: Forrester research shows that up to 86% of customers will take their business elsewhere after just one bad experience.

Ai can address these challenges and is able to deliver measurable business benefits for online self service solutions. Delivering engaging and immersive customer experiences is proven in retaining existing customers and generating new revenues; AI is proven to do just this.

Business Benefits of companies who have deployed AI the improve business performance


10,000,000+ online customer queries resolved without the need for human intervention

The Co-Operative Banking Group

65% reduction in repeat calls, internal help desk AHT reduction of 35 seconds per interaction


400% increase in online ticket sales conversion

Government Offices of Sweden

Reduced contact centre head count by 300 to serve the same query volume


23% reduction on call centre voice channel traffic

Deutsche Bank

83% reduction in help desk staff to serve same user community


40,000 new web enquiries per month


We will put the fact
around the predictions

Find out more about what the Analysts predict will be the game changing
effects on businesses through the deployment of Artificial Intelligence

The major global market research companies (Gartner, Forrester, IDC etc) are forecasting a huge upsurge in the number of organisations who deploy artificial intelligence technology to improve customer service whilst at the same time reducing costs.

These predictions are corroborated by organisations who have experienced the benefits of such deployments. Examples include Co-Op Bank, Ikea, VTR and Iberia together with those seen above.

As this shift to the use of artificial intelligence takes place, significant new opportunities will be created. Large budgets that today are used

to pay for business processes to be undertaken by humans will, in the coming 5 year period, migrate to being used for AI capabilities.

Think of how the world changed with the development of the mobile phone and the advent of the internet. These were major changes in how businesses and indeed society operated.

The unstoppable presence of “artificial intelligence” will also have a profound effect on markets, business organisations and culture.

We live in a world where the need to have information instantly has become a standard.

European Research suggests that today only 11% of customers report consistently good experiences with customer service; so anything that can be done to improve this will differentiate you from the competition.

Successfully deploying artificial intelligence in either an external or internal facing way can create huge improvements for you business; A Step change in profitability!

Compared to waiting in a call centre queue the same research suggests that 81% of customers would rather choose an efficient self-service alternative via a channel of their own choice.

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